Godsmack, Halestorm, and Monster Truck invade the Intrust Bank Arena on 9-25-19

Live Show Review by Dorothy Turner

If there’s one word to describe covering a show at the Intrust Bank Arena, it would be professionalism.

My first thank you is to the admin, security, and helpful employees of this arena. Lights, sound, special effects and more were handled with perfection at this venue. Thank you for a wonderful evening!

Starting out the event, would be the hard rock hitters from Canada, Monster Truck. That’s right folks, Rock n Roll is not DEAD!!!!  This wasn’t the first time I had shot and saw this band live. This was, however, the first time I had the chance to really watch them perform.  Old school rockers will appreciate the sound and stage performances by this band. Keyboards which accompanied this band was a rare treat for this music enthusiast for certain (Thanks, Brandon!). Photos could not do the intensity of the power behind Jon’s voice any justice.  Shredding on the guitar old school style is the only way to describe Jer. Together, this band made me feel like I stepped back in time to a Zeppelin show, and this band were their openers. Catch them on tour globally now! They put on a spectacular show!

Halestorm, is exactly what you can expect when you see this band live. WOW! What a spectacular SHOW from your band. I absolutely love Halestorm. I have been a fan since I first heard them on the radio, and again when I first saw them perform live. I didn’t know it was possible to get any better from their last performance I saw of theirs. I was wrong! Lzzy has a powerful, and I do mean powerful voice. She pulled out all my favorite songs and lit the arena up with some pretty cool lights for this one. A wall of speakers as their backdrop was the first thing I noticed when I approached the pit . Instantly, I was excited for this band to play. One of the highlights for me was watching Arejay flip his drumsticks. He is one of the best drummers to watch LIVE. The spinning and whipping of his drumsticks was definitely entertaining for me, but when he brought out the largest drumsticks I ever saw, and could play them, I was extremely excited to see that one live. I guarantee the smile on my face was, a mile wide.  Fan favorites such as I Miss the Misery, was sung with such viciousness that I don’t ever remember seeing coming on so strong from this band before. This tour is not like others of theirs, it’s better.  NOW on TOUR!! Thank you for a wonderful show HALESTORM!!!!

Godsmack is another name of a band best remembered, by so many of us throughout the years, as one of the best in the music industry. Godsmack pulled out all the effects for this one. From a piano that rose up from under the stage to dual spinning drums, you can bet your attention will not come away from the stage for this band. So grab your beer, water, soda, and get ready for one show you do not want to miss. Audience participation was important for this band, Sully shut the lights down and asked for the fans to shine their lights on them so they could play. What a magical moment as miniature lights began to illuminate the entire arena. I was so excited to hear the new song  Under Your Scars played live as Sully told us about their new non profit organization in honor of mental health awareness month. This foundation set up is called Scars Foundation. Goosebumps rose in me as he told us about this foundation and how they are working hard to help combat mental illness. You could genuinely feel his passion as he sang this song to us all throughout that entire arena. I will include a link to their website here and you can check out how you can help Godsmack combat mental illness. Just click the website and the tab Scars Foundation for more information on that one.  This album was so important for me to get to see personally, and I’m so glad I was able to see this tour live. The new album is by far, one of my favorites of all time. We all know someone with mental illness and hearing the song Bulletproof live was definitely one of the highlights of my evening. Fan favorites like Voodoo, I Stand Alone and Cryin’ Like A Bitch, were also among the setlist at this event. The crowd screamed out all around me as explosions could be felt from the stage with puffs of smoke disappearing throughout the arena.  This band is best viewed live folks. Definitely, one of my favorite tours thus far. Thank you for your lyrics, your performance, and your years of entertainment. You definitely have a lifetime fan in this girl. Catch them now on tour! You won’t be disappointed!

Original event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1543642035773371/

Godsmack website: https://www.godsmack.com

Halestorm website: https://www.halestormrocks.com/

Monster Truck website: http://www.ilovemonstertruck.com