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So, here's the deal, THE STAND UP MOVEMENT is a worldwide outreach program for victims of bullying. It's simple: We get a list of names and numbers of people willing to help, and we disperse it to every school and district board in the USA to start.

106 THE BLAST reaches genre-specific people who can relate to bullying in real life, and can offer strength, courage, and hope, but most of all, true friendship and the feeling of importance. I cannot just stand by and allow another child to take their own life or the lives of others without doing what I can to try and prevent that. I'm willing to work around the clock, even to save a life at a time.

This will take massive support, but the time is now to band together as family in music and protect our own. My goal is to build a network of people who care, and in turn preserve our youth through compassion and education, so they can navigate out of trouble, move forward, and be good and productive citizens.

You can email the station through the contact form, message us on Facebook, or hit us up on Twitter, for more information or to help. Take a stand with us against bullying, with THE STAND UP MOVEMENT!